• Automation and Fault Tolerance/Identification
    Design and implementation of various technologies to enable clients to focus on their business instead of the overhead that I.T. can create.
  • UNIX/Linux/Windows/Cloud platforms
    Design and implementation of various platforms, processes and procedures to allow a client to USE technology, and not spend their time creating the tools for each platform. Company 6 will build an environment, be it an Office LAN or multi-homed ISP/corporate to allow you as the client, the peace of mind to grow your business safe in the knowledge that the infrastructure will support your business needs.
  • Pre/Post-Sales tech consultation
    Sometimes, technical consultation is required to ensure that your client is comfortable with a proposed solution and the integration of such a solution. Company 6 can provide consultation to both you (as our client) and the end-client, to facilitate a mutually beneficial, stable, scalable and most importantly, secure solution.
  • I.T. Operations Management
    With years worth of Operational experience, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to be able to consult on how to grow your Operations department from a first-line call desk into an internationally sleek, profitable and efficiently well-oiled machine while still maintaining the human touch that clients so often seek and fail to find in bland call-centre environments.


  • Physical/Electronic security
    With armed forces training as part of our portfolio, consultation on physical and electronic security is available.
  • Security investigation
    Even through we would like to trust the world around us, there does come a time when this trust is broken. Company 6 is available for investigations in various forms. Contact us to find out more.
  • Forensic Analysis (I.T.)
    Once a breach in security has been identified, Company 6 offers the service to ensure that Chain of Custody (or Chain of Evidence) is maintened to ensure that information presented in a legal environment is sound and is accepted in court. This often makes the difference be tween an unsuccessful litigation process and a successful one.
  • Data reconstruction
    If you have the need to reconstruct deleted information, we offer a "no data, no pay" solution whereby you are only charged if and when the data (or parts thereof, agreed prior to work starting) is recovered.
  • Surveillance
    From CCTV up to Deep Packet Inspection, Company 6 has a wide range of options available to satisfy your needs.